Sajach 53, 8424 Gabersdorf, Österreich

+43 660 2531718

X-Ant Camper

We do not build standard campers. We build your camper.

You determine the equipment and appearance of the trailer. We respond to your wishes and demands in terms of camping.

We offer a very practical and well thought-out basic concept with top equipment in our show trailer “BALI”.
Why “BALI”? Bali means small house and that is what you get with us. A home wherever you are.

The interior design is of high quality and made to measure by a carpenter. Our interior fittings are made exclusively for us and are specially designed for off-road use with reinforced edges.

The kitchen area offers over 190 litres of storage space. Sufficient space for a 60 litre cool box and another 240 litres of storage space for personal belongings and other things.

Modern technology is very important to us. LED lighting and USB charging sockets are cleverly positioned.
The power system of the trailer can be operated self-sufficiently by means of solar and electricity from the vehicle while driving.

A practical gas flow heater provides hot showers and water for washing up.

Our Offroad Camper concept is

  • functional
  • easy to use
  • and leaves nothing to be desired

See for yourself!