The construction of the trailer is based on a welded aluminium frame. The frame was constructed in CAD (Computer Aided Design) and checked for stiffness and stability in order to keep the weight low.

Power is supplied via the 13-pole connector plug on the vehicle. The main line is safely routed to the drawbar box in an aluminium tube on the inside of the drawbar. For hoses and cables, frame bushings are welded in at the appropriate points.

The frame offers a stable integration of a 2-inch mount in the rear carrier. This mount is standard in the USA, Australia and Africa to accommodate tow bars or other accessories. On off-road camping trailers, this mount can be used to attach for example a tow hook or bicycle carrier.. If the 2-inch mount is used as a towing hook, the trailer including the towing vehicle can be salvaged up to a load of 3.5 tons. The rear carrier also has two car jack mounts for a HiLift© Jack welded into it.

The box body of the trailer is a light and stiff construction made of aluminium sandwich panels. These panels have a slightly insulating effect due to their multi-layer construction. The individual parts are all CNC manufactured. The side doors fit exactly and small gaps can be realized. The entire production effort with ultra-modern technology is reflected in the high processing quality of the trailer.