The coupling used by Expedition Anhängertechnik is unique on the European market. A special AL-KO Offroad Coupling is used here. The hitch can be mounted on the 50mm ball of a standard trailer hitch. The advantage is its 100% freedom of movement in all three axes of rotation. Thus the trailer has unrestricted off-road mobility.

The approval as a light trailer (max. 750kg) eliminates the overrun brake and maneuvering off-road becomes easy.

The chassis absorbs all impacts and unevenness of the roadway or terrain. Ideally, none of these forces will reach the load. If you know a classic unbraked trailer, you know that it has a very hard or even no suspension and the load is strongly shaken.

The chassis from Expedition Trailer Technology is an independent wheel suspension specially designed for this trailer. The total travel of the chassis is an impressive 20cm (±10cm at normal driving). This is unusual for a trailer, but necessary when driving in demanding terrain. The trailer has an air suspension that can be controlled from the driver’s seat by means of a mobile phone app. The air bellows can also be controlled individually if this is necessary in difficult terrain. The damping is provided by FOX© 2″ dampers with equalizing tank and adjustable rebound and compression damping. The dampers were also tuned to the trailer. Special valve discs in the damper are necessary to adjust the trailer according to the load or the ground.

The running axle is purchased by KNOTT and offers, among other things, a drum brake which is used as a parking brake to safely park the trailer.

The rim/tyre combination is matched to that of the towing vehicle. Therefore it is not necessary to carry a spare wheel on the trailer. In case of a breakdown, the spare wheel of the towing vehicle can be used. Conversely, one wheel of the trailer can serve as a spare wheel for the towing vehicle.

You can mount tyres up to a maximum diameter of 37″ (939.8mm) and a width of 12.5″ (317.5mm).

The rim used must be an aluminium rim. Here the choice of the offset and the bolt circle again depends on that of the towing vehicle. Regardless of which towing vehicle the customer is driving – Land Rover, Toyota, Jeep, Nissan, etc. any common bolt circle is possible.

Expedition Trailer Technology equips its trailers with BFGoodrich© off-road tyres as standard. Due to the many years of personal experience with tyres from BFGoodrich©, these meet the high demands on the quality and reliability of an expedition trailer.

Of course, the trailer can also be delivered with any other off-road tyre at the express request of the customer.

The trailer is equipped with modern high quality LED lighting. All plugs are designed as absolutely waterproof Superseal connectors. Each lighting element, no matter whether boundary or side marker light is pluggable. If a light is damaged in the terrain, it can be easily and quickly replaced.

The onboard electrics are completely separated from the trailer lighting from the supply line of the towing vehicle.

The technical room of the trailer is located in the drawbar box. This is where the fuse box and the on-board computer are located, which are used to query the current battery charge status of the trailer, the filling level of the water tank, the charging current of the solar system and much more. The drawbar box also contains the air supply for the chassis, the water pump and the gas bottle for hot water and cooking.

The onboard system has a modern 100Ah LiFePO4 battery for storage and supply in the camp. These batteries are perfect for camping use and only about half as heavy as conventional lead or AGM batteries. The on-board system has a memory system and a flexible charging system. The on-board battery of the trailer is not only charged via the vehicle during the journey, but also via a permanently mounted 110W solar panel. In the camp it is possible to connect an additional foldable solar panel (e.g. 120W power). If you spend a few days on a camping site, the trailer can alternatively be charged via the 230V mains.

USB sockets and cigarette lighters are conveniently distributed on the trailer to either power or charge the equipment.