Welcome to Expedition Anhängertechnik e.U.

Expedition Anhängertechnik presents the new offroad camping trailer with real offroad capabilities for every adventure. This trailer is unique in Europe.

Its construction is robust and yet light. The chassis calls 100% to off-road thanks to independent suspension and adjustable Fox© shock absorbers.

Too small tires on the trailer?

Not with Expedition Anhängertechnik! You can adjust the tire dimension to your off-road vehicle. Tires up to 37″ (939,8mm) in diameter can be mounted on the trailer.

The design is modern and radiates adventure. Design the look of your expedition trailer according to your wishes. You can customise the colour of the trailer to suit your towing vehicle. Choose from the available accessories and design your dream of offroad camping yourself.

Piqued your interest?

Then find out more about the unique offroad camping trailer from Expedition Anhängertechnik in the product section.

If you have a special application where you need an capable offroad trailer with excellent suspension, we can design and build the trailer for you.
No matter if you are a private person or rescue service, we are happy to support you with our know-how.